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This page was originally to show the progress of work to rehang the bells in their new frame. Now the restoration is complete, I will add information about any other work that we do.

4th December 2016 Quarter Peal for Olivia Grace Maynard

We rang a quarter peal this afternoon to celebrate the birth of Olivia Grace Maynard, daughter of ex Hopton ringer Sam Maynard and his wife Emma.

The band comprised of Ruth Young, Chris Davies, Mary Dunbavin, Richard George, Clive Dunbavin and Simon Frost.

7th February - Poor Striking

IMG 3106

After having striking problems with the four during service ringing this morning, inspection revealed a split washer on the clapper. Chris came over and showed me how to replace the washer, which definately seems like a two person job.

We also took the oportunity to look at the sixth, which has been quite odd struck for a while now. The clapper runs freely and in line with the motion of the bell, but a quick measure showed the clapper to be 12mm off centre, which would explain the odd struckness.

A return visit with some taperred washers will be required.

31st January 2016 - Fun with Magnets

Experimenting with a magnetic bell sensor

15th March 2015


Another successful ringing holiday in Shropshire.

On our way to lunch in Aberriw after ringing.

21st May 2014

Ixworth 001

Stage one of the sound control was completed a few months after the new bell frame was installed and comprised of a fixed installation of panels which attenuate the sound of the bells, particuarly in the immediate vecinity of the tower.

Stage two will be to add a means of varying the sound control from the ground floor of the tower. This will be a boon for teaching and peal ringing, reducing the disturbance for our neighbours still further.

The approved drawings of the work are complete and are a continuation of the original work, but sometimes it is usefull to be able to go and look at an existing physical example of the expected results. So to that ends, Clive and Simon visited Ixworth to see their sound control system, on which the Hopton installation will be based.

15th March 2014 - Ringing Holiday

Photo of sunset at Morville Church

We stayed in Shropshire again for this years ringing holiday. We did a full day’s ringing on Saturday ending up at Morville Church. See twitter @hoptonbells for more details of the days ringing.

2nd March 2014 - Old Photo of Hopton Church

All Saints Hopton

This picture was given to our Tower Captain Ruth and before it finds a home I asked if I could borrow it to put up on the website.

It is interesting to note the lack of pavement and no war memorial. The trees have grown up a bit too!

7th July 2013 - Flower Festival

Hopton 4 (1)

Briony Davies and Ruth Young who are both ringers at Hopton have created a fantastic display for this years Hopton Flower Festival. You can see photos of some of the other displays here.

27th May 2013

Completed a simple bank holiday job by sealing around the sound control panels. Should shave off a couple more dB.

2nd October 2012

New Peal Board Hung to Celebrate the first Peal on the bells since they were rehung.

17th September 2012 - Peal Ringing

We wanted to let people in the village know more about the ringing of Peals, so I wrote a short article for the Parish Magazine:

inging at 

Most people will be aware of the recent work to rehang and augment the bells in All Saints Church, Hopton. This was a very expensive project, costing in the region of £80,000. Local fundraising provided some of the money, but the majority came from the Heritage Lottery Fund and grants from various bodies. One of the grants we received requires the bells to be made available for peal ringing four times a year.

What is a peal?

A brief description of learning to ring is required first. Once a ringer has learnt how to control a bell he or she will begin to ring together with the band of ringers in “rounds”, which is ringing the bells in order of size over and over again. The next step is to learn how to change the order that the bells are rung in. First the ringer will practice “call changes”, where a conductor will tell the ringers each time the order changes and which bells should change position. This improves the ringers ability to control the bell to the point where they can begin to take part in ringing methods.

17th January 2012

The new plasterwork in the tower has had plenty of time to dry out, so it was time to put up the Peal Boards. Clive and I spent some time on Tuesday evening putting three of the old ones back up and a new one to comemerate the first quarter peal on the new bells.

Two of the old boards require some mirror plates before we can put them back up, so they will have to wait for the moment.

We also took some measurements of the clappers so we can get some new muffles made.

Hopton Bells in the Diss Express

See a picture of the bells in an article from the Diss Express reporting the open day held to mark the return of the bells after the restoration.

27th April 2011

Replaced the hook that we had been using to hold the ropes up with a new oak spider made from triangles of oak glued together in a sun shape. Replacing the rope all went to plan OK, with the new rope taped to the old one and drawn through the pulley, but adding the loop into the rope was a bit tricky.

9th April 2011

Just a few jobs this afternoon. The cable for the camera needed tidying up, which was completed with the aid of a ladder, realigning the video camera and then painting the tops of the sound control panels to protect the edges of the plywood. Also the cable to allow us to connect a monitor to the camera was found, we just need to find some kind of display for the visitors on the open weekend to view the bells now.

26th March 2011

This weeks effort was concentrated on tidying up the intermediate chamber and wiring up of the video camera. Both were reasonably successfully completed, although a portion of the video cable still needs clipping into place where it couldn't be reached and the ladder was locked.

There are still a few more jobs to do, including some sound reduction measures for the ringing room which has become slightly noiser since the addition of the sound control.

19th March 2011

Two more panels were completed today, this means that all four of the sound control panels are now in place. Further work is required to cover the exposed plywood edges from the weather and wiring for the camera has yet to be completed. Still plenty of work for next weekend, including a bit of a tidy up in the intermediate chamber to remove some of the rubbish and unused wood.

12th March 2011

Another afternoon working on the sound control panels, we cut the bottom part panels for each of the three remaining openings in the tower and fitted them, these are the most tricky to do because they must be fitted level, this makes subsequent boards much easier to fit, we also finished one complete panel. 

5th March 2011

Today we fitted the first of the sound control panels, this comprises of 11 plywood panels which have to be cut to size and then carried up into the belfry to be glued together and screwed to the frame. Only three more to go!

26th February 2011

The second stage of the work was to get all of the frames in place which will hold the plywood sound control panels in place. All of the four frames were completed today and we even had time to position the camera for viewing the bells from downstairs. Probably the most tedious job of the day was painting 20 plywood panels, thanks Barry!

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