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Read about the process of returning Hinderclay Tower to a ringable state.

Bell Returned to Hinderclay Tower

The bell is back in the tower and work to complete the installation should be done tomorrow.

Welding Complete!

Welding will be complete this Friday and the bell will be ready to be returned to Hinderclay tower.


Bell Removed

The bell has been removed from the tower and will be transported this week to Soundweld for the repair.


Cracked Bell at Hinderclay

The details of the bell which cracked are as follows:

3rd Bell

Weight:              6-0-0

Date of Cast:      c1530

Crack length:      4-6”

Crack position     Soundbow

Removal and transportation of the bell will be undertaken by volunteers from the Suffolk Guild of Ringers. The bell will be repaired by SoundWeld in Cheveley Newmarket at a cost of £1889.

Local fundraising by

Hinderclay PCC and

Richard George who will be doing a sponsored parachute jump taking place at Beccles airfield on Sat 16th Apr 11. Richard is in the RAF but doesn’t like flying or Heights!


Richard has completed the parachute jump and now that the money for the welding has been raised, work can begin on removing the bell from the tower.


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